Calling All Knitters!

Hi guys. Today I come to you in a effort to get some help from you

You may know that recently I started knitting.
A crocheter at heart, I wanted to try, this other yarny craft, but it is always so heartbreaking and breath-stopping to drop a stitch. 
That's why I have always preferred crochet. Loose a stitch? No problem, just do it over. Lose a stitch knitting? The whole thing falls apart. 

I am in the habit of taking yarn everywhere, I like to knit/crochet on my work breaks. But on days like today, when I come to my break and see that some stitches have fallen off and run down, how can I fix this?

Comment or email! Thanks in advance! 



  1. Hey! I see this is an old(ish) post and you have since knitted more... but incase you still need tips on dropped stitches... the easiest thing to do is take a crochet hook, put it through the dropped stitch, then pull through the 'loose' piece of yarn that will be left on the row above. I have looked at YouTube tutorials as well to help :-)

    1. oh duh! that seems so obvious now, why didn't I ever think of that! I am going to put a crochet hook in my project bag right away.