The Lately List

In Progress: Well, almost in progress. I got this book recently, and decided I would try to make myself one of the dresses. While at the fabric store I made a friend. This little guy looks grumpy, but he is actually very sweet! 
I am also still working on this. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of July though! Check back soon :) 

Life: Recently been loving Mollie Makes magazine. I started getting it because I had a subscribtion to Crochet Today!, but they stopped making it. I don't know if I would ever actually make any of the projects, but something about the articles, colours, fun printed pages... It all equals something very inspiring. Part of me wants to cut out pieces and paste them on my wall to keep that inspiration rolling in all the time. Another part of me wants to keep the magazines together in their beautifulness. Any input?

Online: I restarted my love of Bloglovin'. I first joined probably around a year ago when I started this little blog. I got all click happy and started just following a bazillion blogs, just because. Over the course of this year, I stopped checking it, but I started actively following other blogs, and just putting them in my bookmarks bar. Eventually, I had so many at the top of my safari page,  I needed a folder, which eventually lead me to think, "what was that website again?". So I started bloglovin' over. And I am so happy I did. Such an awesome way to view our nice bloggy friends sites.
Speaking of which, if you want to follow me, go right ahead! Click here!

Music: Always love me some Frank Sinatra. Just fly me to the moon.

Quote: I have had some of these moments recently.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



  1. I've been meaning to check out blog lovin', I too have most of my blogs in bookmarks. I'm really enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing.

    1. I tried to use Feedly for a day or so, I had heard some people prefer it over bloglovin'. But I am not one of those people! But something for you to consider!