The Lately List

My apologies for blogging silence! Its summer, and if I am not working or running errands, I am crocheting and watching Americas Got Talent. No excuse, really, I know, but it is what it is.

In Progress: I am happy that I am finally making patterns for my (no exaggeration) dozens of unused crochet magazines. I may be the only one who loves buying pattern books and magazines, but rarely uses them. I have, however, recently been making garments Inside Crochet and Simply Crochet. Figures that the Europeans would have more practicaland fashionable patterns available.
Anyway, the Dorothy Wrap for my sister. I crochet things for her, she paints me watercolour bunnies. Fair deal, I think.

Life: I work part-time in a tiny little mall. And finally, a new bookstore opened up and it is adorable. The owner is hilarious, and I got this perfectly and beautifully made sewing pattern book. I went back to work after buying this with loss of breath and near tears. Fashionable, beginner and intermediate patterns? Check. 20 patterns for thirty dollars? Check check. Fashion Icon and vintage inspired styles in modern day sizes? Check check check. Seriously gorgeous illustrations.... I could go on obviously. But I'm all worked up again, so I'll stop there for today. Check back though. There is an Audrey LBD that is calling my name!

Online: inspired to make more Fair Isle-esq sweaters. But with maximum of three muted colours. Colours freak me out. { Photo source: Ravelry's Elinor}

Music: I recently saw this awesome Calgary-based group busking. Can we just go on a nice long drive through the prairies listening to them? With nothing to see but blue skies and bright yellow canola fields? Yes, I think that's a good fit.

Quote: I spend a week touring around the inner city with youth from my church. We spend the days serving different ministries and organizations and learning a ton. I could speak about this experience forever. But one place, Light House Mission, stuck with me. They will let anyone come in for a bite to eat or to get new clothes. Absolutely anyone, and won't turn anyone away. Which blows my mind. Thier motto is "Love all. Serve all." I hope this can be a reminder to love all even outside of this ministry.

Hope you all are having an awesome and safe and yarny summer  :)


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