Do you have one of those fears, that you look at other people doing it and think, "woah I wish I could do that,  I bet it would be fun"? For example, skydiving. I don't think I would ever have the guts to go and throw myself out of a plane, but I always look up and a strange jealous awe at those crazy people.

On a much smaller scale, knitting is another of these jealous awe kind of fears. Watching those needles clicking away, doing crazy cables, or using DPNs, I just have to cringe a little. I won't ever be able to do that, but man, I wish I could.

I have thrown myself out of the plane.
Diving into the world of knitting patterns.

Crazy exaggeration alert. Knitting is not at all on the same danger/adrenaline level as skydiving. But you get where I am coming from.

Having slowly learned casting on, knitting and purling, but still not falling for the craft, I decided I needed a big, concentration-grabbing project. Something for a slightly-above-beginner knitter. Even though I am almost less than a beginner, I figure this would be a good way to get myself into this scary and jaw-dropping craft. And hopefully soon I will be able to make this sweater from Vogue Knitting (yeah right).

I'll let you know if this theory works.


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