In a world of electronic resources, I am still stuck in paper.
I have a love of craft magazines. 
While this collection is mostly Crochet magazines, I have only made a small handful of patterns from a few of them. This fact makes me wonder: Why do I keep buying them?

I have a subscription to Interweave Crochet and Mollie Makes (previously Crochet Today!). 
Every time I am at the bookstore, I check to see if Inside Crochet or Simply Crochet are in yet. 
My favourite section of thrift stores are those vintage magazine pattern books. Sometimes because it makes me giggle, sometimes because I figure it would make a nice addition to my ongoing vintage magazine collection (yes, world, I have packrat tendencies...shhhh).

But, even in my darkest, inspiration-less slumps that not even Pinterest or Ravelry can cure, my magazines usually can. The articles, the bright pictures, themed patterns, cute puns, and funny finds, I can find some sort of new enthusiasm for my crafty needs.

But every time I go to the cash register with my new magazine, I think, couldn't I find similar things for free online?

So, dear friends, I ask you, do you subscribe to / buy ((insert craft here)) magazines? Do you use the patterns? Or do Google, Pinterest and kind bloggers suffice for your inspiration needs?


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