DIY Gold Wire Bead Rings

You know what is a huge blessing? Having dear friends who enjoy DIY-ing and general craftiness as I much as I do. I am not yet so lucky as to have many of these friends, but the one I do is just so lovely and wonderful. AND related to me. She's awesome.

Anyway,  tonight we spent some time in mostly silent concentration and watching Tom Hanks search for Leo DiCaprio while Leonardo stole millions of dollars. (Side bar: She also loves Tom Hanks nearly as much as I do.) And while we sat, we fashioned ourselves some little rock rings. Super easy to do! Keep scrolling for general instructions!

Materials needed: 
-Gold wire, make sure its thin enough to go through your beads!
- beads. We used little rocks with holes in them.
-wire clippers

Now, pretty much the best instructions I can give you, is just be creative. There are like a billion ways to wrap that wire around and through the bead to make it stay put. Try different things.

My favourite way was to start the bead in the middle of the wire and wrap both ends right close to the bead. Pretty simple in theory. But it took practice to get it right.

If the bead allowed it, I also liked to leave one end of the wire in the hole of the bead, then wrap the wire around the bead at random, make a big loop for your finger, and finish by sticking the end in the other side of the hole of the bead. Its needs to be pretty long, but this is a cool way of doing it, because you can't see either end of the wire! No getting poked!

You creative and talented people out there can figure out your own way to do this too. I would love to see your creations!

Enjoy your week ahead!


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