The Lately List

Welcome to the second edition of The Lately List! This is just a collection of a few things that I have been up to. To remind me that of those little things in life that I love, and to keep being inspired by the things around me.

In Progress: Loooook! Its almost finished (it may even be finished by the time you read this)! I talked about this sweater in a post last week and my crazy (for me) finishing goal. And I think it should all work out.... check in soon!

Life: I am not a gardener. But I like plants. These days I have been loving succulents (like the rest of the Pinterest population).

Online: I have been loving looking making clothes for myself recently. Sewing and crocheting. I have two more projects lined up to crochet, but then I think it may be time to retry my hand at knitting. So, I turned to Ravelry, and searched "sweater" and checked off knit, free pattern, and easy. And this is what the magic of Ravelry came up with. I think/ hope I will be able to do this, its just stockinette stitch after all. It would be amazingly cozy for fall. Especially with some merino wool? Maybe I am just dreaming. You can get the pattern here!

Movie: Sleepless in Seattle constantly makes me cringe and melt at the same time. The girl is ridiculous and obsessive the whole time. But Tom Hanks is the sweetest... so maybe I get where the girl is coming from...? Anyway I really like this movie.

Quote: Job 8:21. There are so so many bible verses that talk about not worrying about the future, but this has stuck with me most. Don't worry, you'll be joyful soon, no matter how bad or hard it is now.

Have a great week! I know the rest of my week will be awesome :)


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