Nine Days to Go

Hello Hello!

I have some crazy goals for finishing projects, but I think that if I remain motivated ( and tell everyone possible about these goals), I think I can make it.

If you remember (if not, go here to refresh), last week I started a little series called The Lately List.  And in that post I showed you what I was working on at the time. My WIP. 

Sadly, my lovely lavender sweater-to-be has been put into hibernation mode. I had been working on this pattern from Interweave Crochet Magazine. But as I was working on it, things seemed to make little, if any, sense. The pattern was published with so many mistakes, that I think I need to take everything apart (I have the front and back panels finished) and start over. Or choose a different pattern. So unfortunately that project has been put on hold. But, I had promised my sister that when I see her again in a week and a half, I would have a finished sweater (I am notoriously bad for starting and stopping and never restarting projects).

So, as a birthday gift, I got to go to my favourite local yarn store, Wolseley Wool. If you are ever in Winnipeg, seriously, check it out. Its the best place in the city. Who need tourist attractions like museums and parks and beaches anyway?

But back to my story, I was there for my birthday, and picked some yarn for my next project, a gorgeous cardigan/ button-down sweater from Simply Crochet Magazine. I had originally planned on working on near the end of summer, but now that I won't be able to finish that first sweater in time, I figure, I have a week and a half... maybe I could finish this one in time? On your marks... Get set...

Enough Blogging. Must crochet. 


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