DIY Midi Skirt

Is there anything more wonderfully feminine than a great, comfortable, flowing skirt?
Ok, well, maybe a few things (Kate Middleton's wedding dress comes to mind), but they are definitely things outside my current budget.
But for a casual and adorable way keep your wardrobe fresh, a ten-dollar-half hour, skirt is the way to do it.

So on this skirt, because a) I was in a lazy mood and b) the fabric was super flowing, I skipped the part of my skirt tutorial ( look here! ) where you add pockets. Which means, this skirt is essentially 2 straight sewn lines and an elastic. And because it is knit, you really don't even need to hem it -- it won't fray.
I think that is something we can all deal with. Especially the flattering, comfortable and pretty part.

Sunny walks in the park, here I come.


(Murphy, as always, trying to use my time in the backyard as play time) 

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