Sewing Coco

A long over due hello to you!

Sorry for the bogging silence. I have been in a frenzy of half finished projects in several different crafts. 

But today, I am so excited to share my second sewn garment (but first wearable and shareable garment). 

Remember a few weeks ago, I shared some of my goals for this summer, and Tilly's adorable and perfectly written Coco pattern was on my list? Well, everyone go to her site. It's the most wonderful and comfortable dress you will make AND it's the perfect beginner pattern. Thanks Tilly!

I had made a first Coco in a grey fabric. But I made it too big, and my amateur altering skills did not save my extra large tunic.  But, it I did learn a lot, and my second try was a super quick sew. I love it so much!

I wore it to work the next day and my coworker said I looked very dressed up. I guess this adorable gold dotted material made it look more dressy than it really is. I don't care though. I plan to wear this everywhere.

Ten Things I Learned During My First Sewing Experiences:

1.  Don't forget to make those little snips for the markings! They make lining things up so much easier. 
2. Don't make the snips too long. Oops! But a quick mend saves the day.
3. Getting someone else to take your measurements is a good idea. 
4. Ballpoint needles on knit fabric. Those "universal" ones don't work so well.
5. Cut things carefully (Especially if you are using a cutting wheel like I was. Too many close calls)
6. Try on as you go.
7. Look things up online. Tilly's got your back!
8. Watch something on tv that won't distract you too much while sewing. Like watching Frozen for the 5th time. 
9. Naming your sewing machine gives you someone to talk to. 
10. Don't be scared. Just go for it. If I can do it, so can you. And try again if you need to.

So everyone go over to Tilly's site and buy this dress! And check out her book too. I am hoping I get it for my birthday in a couple weeks :)

Have a good one!


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