DIY Maxi Skirt

I am happy to say I am falling so in love with sewing. It's so much more fun and rewarding to make your own clothes than to buy them. And recently when I am browsing Pinterest or shopping in the real world, I think to myself, "That doesn't seem too hard to recreate", and next thing I know I am at the fabric store.

So my recent obsession is skirts in general, but maxi skirts are just so much fun. This longer length trend is great for me, reaching at almost 6 feet tall, it's hard to find dresses of appropriate lengths. So this tea-length/midi trend receives a gold star from me! So next thing I knew, I had made my own (seriously, that simple and quick to make).


DIY Maxi Skirt with In-Seam Pockets

1. Go buy about a meter and a half of knit fabric. 

2. Lay it flat out, selvages together. The selvage is the woven side of the fabric that prevents it from unraveling. 
3. Cut that right along the fold. Measure from your waist (or where you want the skirt to sit) to the floor  (or where you want it to end). Add about 3 inches to that for the hem and the elastic. And now cut it to the length you just calculated. 
4. Take a piece of paper and widely trace around your hand on an angle to the paper. Something like this: 


Cut it out and place it on the leftover fabric (that you just cut off from the length of your skirt). Cut 4 of these. 
5. Right sides together, pin one pocket to each side of both the back and front of the skirt. Important: Make sure they are all the same distance from the top. I did 7.5 inches from the top of my skirt. 

6. Sew the pockets onto the skirt.  **For all my sewing, I used a zig zag stitch, because of the stretch of the fabric, zig zag stitch doesn't stop it from stretching**
7. Right sides together, pin all the way down the long sides of the skirt. This includes pinning the back and front sides of the pockets together. 
8. Sew all the way down and around the skirt. 

9. Press seams open.

10. Iron down your top seam, wrong sides together,  about 1 inch all the way around. Sew almost all the way around, leave about 2 inches open, so you get get the elastic in after. 

11. Optional: Cut 5,  2.5-3 inch by 1 inch rectangles. These will make your belt loops. Iron them in and sew straight down the centre. 

12. sew them onto the skirt. 1 at each side seam, 1 right in the middle of the back, and 2 evenly spaced in the centre of the front.
13. Measure and mark your elastic on your waist. Cut it and feed it through the top space for the elastic. Because we didn't measure and cut the skirt to fit your waist, the elastic will bunch up the fabric and create a pretty gathered effect. When you reach the beginning again, sew the elastic ends together and then sew the hole shut. 

14. Try it on! Is it too long? Measure, cut, iron and sew, like in step 10, but all the way round to the length you want it. 
15. Be super glamorous and comfortable all summer! 


This project probably cost about $10-15  dollars to make. I was admiring one in store that was $40. I would say that I came out on top, and had so so much fun making it.  And I watched Big, with Tom Hanks (whom I adore), so I had even more fun. 


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