Little Steps Forward

So, my second semester of my second year of university is done (almost, 1 exam left). Only 20 more to go.

Well, thats not true (hopefully!), but I have the feeling that I will be in school forever and I am itching to get out already. 

Anyway, with the end of this terribly long year, and 3 weeks until my spring semester starts (so maybe it will only be 15 more years of school) I decided I would like to start learning some new crafts. Some things on the top of my list are...


Specifically, sewing Coco. Yes, I have jumped on the Tilly and the Buttons bandwagon. I have watched all the Great British Sewing Bee episodes, and I seem to think that I know what I am doing. Although I have not successfully made a garment yet, Tilly has done an awesome job of making me think I can conquer the sewing world. But first I have to conquer the fabric store. 


My next goal is to learn how to embroider. I dream of updating my sweaters thanks to Meredith of One Sheepish Girl, and pretty much covering everything I own in pretty embroidery. Overkill? Yes? No? Yes. 
I do have some not-too-crazy learning type projects in mind though.  I am excited and curious to see how this adventure will turn out, and how many times I will bleed all over my fabric due to sticking myself with the needle. Any guesses? 


(Not a new skill, but to continue working on those skills)
And I would like to get my hand on some deliciously soft yarn and maybe work on my sweater crocheting skills. Interweave Crochet magazine had some beautiful patterns in its last issue, and I am dying to give it a try.  If you remember, I did attempt last summer, but it doesn't sit and comfortably as I would have liked. Try and try again. 

I'll keep you updated as this time progresses! 


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