Hat and Scarf Set

My march definitely came in like a lion. Waking up to -50 degrees Celsius with blistering winds... lets just hope it goes out like a lamb. Honestly, this winter has been so brutal that even me, the most winter loving Canadian around, has been aching for sunshine. It's at the point where -15 degrees seems like a luxury. Especially when I wake up to frozen water pipes... Sighh

But winter is especially great for yarn. And so the past few weeks (school and work have taken up a lot of crochet time) I have been working on this hat and scarf set. It was my second knitted hat ( I am so in love with it!) and I learned how to Tunisian purl for this awesome Diamonds in the Rough Scarf. Also in love. Although I learned the importance of counting for it, and the importance of using a much bigger than normal hook when working with Tunisian crochet. Lets just say I started over several times before I actually started liking my progress.

Because I wanted to scarf to match the hat (it was requested to be blue and white), I added a row of white single crochets on the edges and learned how to surface crochet around the diamonds. Then went around the whole thing again in blue. 
I am so excited about it. It makes me so happy to make something beautiful for someone. 

Have a wonderfully sheepish March,


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