Tunisian Cowl

Happy New Year :)

I know, I have been in a blogging slump lately. So I hope the first few weeks of 2014 have treated you all well.

I have been crocheting. Well, I did right up until school started again. Now all I have time for is sleeping and reading. Fortunately, I am done all the math courses I will need for my degree, so I am full of hope for this semester.

Over the holidays, I picked up my Tunisian crochet hook again, eager to learn a new stitch or two. So I learned the "Full Stitch", and enjoyed re-watching Downton Abbey while making this comfy cozy cowl.

Tunisian Full Stitch is so full of texture. I love the squishiness of the yarn combined with the versatility of the texture.
I used Thick & Quick yarn in a creamy colour with gold sparkles. Perfectly warm and festive.

I used this video to learn the stitch. Just chain 60 to start, and keep going until it covers your head.
Or as I did, crochet for two episodes of Downton Abbey.
Then just bind off and sew the sides together.

Anyway, enjoy this sorry excuse for a "pattern" and enjoy learning a new stitch. Please ask any questions. I understand how vague this is. Email me or comment on this post, I will try to help you out as much as possible.  :)


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