Star Stitch Infinity Scarf

Hello Hello :)

These blogging days have kinda been about playing catch up.
And I have been using my blogging time as time away from studying anatomy.

But anyway... While this pretty scarf doesn't come with an official pattern, I can tell you how it was made!

Start by chaining 301 or an odd number of stitches. 301 does seem pretty long, but the nature of the stitch makes it condense quite a bit. If you are wanting a shorter scarf, I would suggest chaining 251.

Crochet Today has a good tutorial here.
This video is also helpful.

I wanted all my stars to be on the same side, so I did every even numbered row single crochet. 

When it was wide enough, I joined the ends together to make a loop. 

And there you have it! 
It was really fun to learn how to make, and way easier to get the hang of than you would think! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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