Handmade Holidays: Granny Infinity Scarf

A Few Happy Things:
1. It snowed this week.
2. Which meant it was time for a new beanie
3. The semester is almost over.
4. One month until Christmas.
5. I made a great big and wonderfully chunky infinity scarf!

Granny Infinity Scarf

I decided I needed a challenge. So I learned now to foundation single crochet, and started this scarf off with that. I used PurlBee's tips to start me off on this. 

Make a multiple of 3 sts. (I did 300). Join ends together with sl st to create a loop.

Granny Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as one dc), 1 dc into fist sc, [sk 2 sc, 3 dc into next sc] across. Join first dc to last dc. Turn 
Granny Row 2-12: Ch 3, *3 dc into next space between dc groups. Repeat around. Join first st to last with sl st, turn.
Last row: Sc in each dc around. Join first sc to last sc. Fasten Off.

I really enjoyed making this. It was so easy I didn't need to pay close attention to what I was crocheting and could read my class lecture notes at the same time. There will probably be several more of these cozy scarves in my future! 

Happy Crocheting! 


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