Pineapple Fan Crochet Shawl

It seems not too long ago that I started making this stunning shawl. I can hardly believe I actually finished it. That I was actually able to finish it.
I haven't done much in respect to lace-work crochet. I love the way a good lace project looks, but it seemed like something that the professional, highly-experienced crocheters would do.

All that being said, I loved the way this pattern worked up. I loved crocheting it. I loved the way the simple chain-3 spaces and shells felt so easy, so comfortable. I loved stopping, laying out my half finished project out, and stepping back to admire. Every easy and fast-to-complete row made the pattern look so much more complete. It looked amazing. I loved the pattern. The amount of math, and pulling at ones hair that must have gone into writing out the finished pattern. I wish I had the ability to create an amazing and mathematical and beautiful pattern like that.

Anyway, I used this pattern, which I got off of Ravelry. I did have some trouble reading it, but I am glad I pushed through and finished.

I used Cascade Pima Silk in Pastel Sea Green. It's a nice yarn to use. It doesn't look like it will fray or pill much, with is great. It's soft and drapes nicely, too.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I made it as a Christmas gift, so after the holidays I will post more pictures!

Happy Weekend!


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