Reversible Lunchbag

Another school year just began. As I went to my first day of classes, I packed together my laptop, a notebook, pencils, calendar... all the basics. Then I realized, I didn't have room for a lunch.

So a plastic bag was used for the day. Not so cute.

So I went to the fabric store over the weekend. And these crazy creative juices started flowing.
Well. Creative for me. I'm not much of a sewer.

 I measured and cut my pretty floral print. 

Bottom (cut 1 of each fabric)- 5"x8".
Front/Back Panels (cut 2 of each fabric)- 8"x10"
Side Panels (cut 2 of each fabric)- 5"x10"

It turned out really nicely. I am proud that my limited sewing abilities are expanding.

Let me know if you make your self one!

-- Bee

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