Houndstooth Scarf

September 12, 2013 - I am happy to announce that fall is on its way.

I know this because I got dressed this morning, wearing a light sweater, like I have been since school started. 

But when I got outside, it was much too chilly and I needed to go back inside to change.

So it is perfect timing that yesterday, between classes and reading and homework and tea time, I finished this beautiful scarf. I am so excited to wear this in winter. 

I bought 1 skein of each white and black loops and threads soft and shiny yarn for this beauty. Going into it, I knew it would have to be really long, if I was to wear it all winter long. I finished off both balls of yarn. Half because I wanted it to be much longer than I am, and half because I already have way  too much leftover yarn in my stash. 

And so now I have this wonderfully soft, well over six-foot-long, handmade scarf. And the great part about it is that the pattern is available for free!

Happy crocheting!


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