Crocodile Stitch Slippers

Hello again!

I have been spending my week working a lot, reading a lot, and spending a lot of time trying to understand my statistics notes. So my week has been pretty dull.

But some exciting things happened!--I got a my yarn order in! Now I can begin making Christmas gifts! I started making this shawl out of the soft minty green, and I have some other plans that will play out more in the new year.

It's Cascade Yarns Pima Silk, which I bought it from

--I went to the thrift store and bought a whole lot of buttons. And yarn. And old crochet magazines. It was a good trip. :)
--I finished these lovely crocodile stitch booties. I made my mom a pair last year, and she was showing off to her sister. So I received several texts from my aunt in which she 'subtly' implied that she would really like a pair too. And that her favourite colour is yellow. 

from last year
And so I made a pair for her. In yellow.

I got the pattern from Bonita Patterns. I bought the adult sized pattern to start. I found that the "small" size fits about a size ten foot. At least with my tension and yarn. So later I bought the children's size pattern so I could make some for people with small-average sized feet.

Have a good one!


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