Blueberry Pie

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided that we would spend our saturday baking a couple pies.

Our original plan was to make 2 pies: one blueberry and one pecan.

My favourite, which I have made a few times before, is Pecan Pie. I use this recipe, which doesn't use that sickly-sweet syrup. And every time it is so delicious. 

Halfway through mixing the filling for our pecan pie, however, we decided to double the recipe and make 2 pecan pies. He wanted to bring one home and possibly share some of it with his family.

Before it was baked

After, we made Blueberry pie.
I had never made a fruit pie before, so this was a little nerve wracking for me. I got the recipe from here, the Mennonite Girls Can Cook website, and I loved it. It was an easy recipe to use, even for a beginner pie maker like myself.

All three pies turned out amazing. They were so delicious. Even now, just thinking about them, I think I might need to make some more sometime soon. :)

Happy Wednesday!

-- Bee.

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