Saturday Beret

Hello Hello!

It's that time again. It's the time that comes around in my life only a couple times a year. But its back.

It's time to finish those pesky almost-forgotten and almost-finished projects.

My problem is that I love starting new projects. I love the excitement, the shopping, researching, and learning a new pattern. But once it gets to a little over halfway done, I really need to push myself to finish. Of course when it finally is done, there is always that great sense of accomplishment and the excitement of getting to start new projects.

I cleaned out my bedroom the other day and found a little notebook. I figured I should probably write down information about those pesky WIPs incase I leave them too long and forget what size hook I used, the kind of yarn I used, and where I can find the pattern.

And so I began writing and writing, and I came to ten in-progress projects I found laying around my house. So its time to get them finished.

Here's a simple little Beret I just finished last night. It could have taken me one short evening to finish, but I was away on holidays when I started it, and came back to nine other things to work on, plus work and unpacking and laundry and whatever else.

But after a month of sitting around and this unnecessarily long rambling blog post, is this cute and lacey beret.
It would be perfect for fall, when the air is crisp and you want to bundle up, but its not quite cold enough yet. Oh, no one else feels like summers are too long? I'm one of those rare people who spend summer months on the beach while wishing for snow? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, I got the pattern from a book I ordered off Amazon, called Clever Crocheted Accessories. It wasn't too expensive, and there are lots of great projects to crochet. I like the way they lay the book out, and the way they take a complicated or fairly unknown technique and use it to make something small. Perfects gifts to make for christmas in here!

-- Bee

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