Pinwheel Afghan!

I have had this friend my whole life. We went to school together, travelled Europe together, and graduated from high school the same year. I was hoping that we would go to university together, but instead, she decided to participate in a year-long service trip to South Korea. A whole year apart. At first I missed seeing her all the time, but we both got used to it. She came home last week. As a welcome home/ birthday gift for her I made her an afghan.

Pinwheel Afghan Pattern

with color A, ch a multiple of 10 stitches, plus one

row 1:  turn. ch 1, 2 sc,  *skip 3 chs, 7 dcs in next st, sk 3 chs, 3 scs* ; repeat from * to * ending with 2 scs. 

row 2:  turn.  change to color b, ch 2.  dc4together over (sc, sc, dc, dc),  *ch 3, 3 scs, ch 3, dc7tog over (dc, dc, sc, sc, sc, dc, dc)*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with dc4tog over (dc, dc, sc, sc), sk tch. 

row 3:  turn.  ch 2.  4 dcs in dc4tog,  *sk ch-3, 3 scs, sk ch-3, 7 dcs in dc7tog*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with 4 dcs in dc4tog, sk turning ch. 

row 4:  turn.  change to color a, ch 1.  2 scs,  *ch 3, dc7tog (over dc, dc, sc, sc, sc, dc, dc),  ch 3,  3 scs*;  repeat from * to * across, ending with 2 scs, sk turning ch.

repeat rows 1-4


-- Bee

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