Mix and Match Afghan

 So I finished this one a while back. Actually probably close to a year ago. But I just started using it again and have fallen more in love with it since.

This was the first full-sized blanket I made. And I had lots of difficulties with it the whole time. Mostly I ran out of yarn several times and then made due with whatever yarn I had at home by the end of it. I just wanted it to be finished!

When I followed the pattern from the Lionbrand website, the blanket was barley big enough for a twin sized bed. So I added another round of the squares and it ended up being wonderful. The perfect size.
As I said before, this was my first full sized blanket, and the first one that I needed to join squares together. So I just used single crotchets to join them. If I were to do this again, I think I would join-as-as-you-go. Weaving in all those loose ends drive me crazy.

Have a great weekend!


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