Jet Setter Sweater.

YAY! I beat my sweater blues and my ridiculous procrastination. And this lovely sweater is done and ready to be worn.

I got the pattern from Crochet Today! Magazine (May/June 2012 issue). If you are going to buy one of the back issues of this magazine, I would suggest checking this issue out. It has a lot of really nice patterns in there.

I made the size small for myself, but if I were to make it again, I would probably make it longer, although I am really tall, so this is not saying anything against the pattern itself. It actually is a good length for me now, as I will probably be wearing it with high-waisted skirts in the fall.

I got Loops&Thread Soft and Silky in burgundy for the yarn. It is medium (size 4) and really silky and so wonderfully soft, as the name suggests. This yarn is actually really nice to work with, and not too expensive, considering the size of the skein.

Now that I am finished this, I can finally move on to other projects that I have been itching to do. I really want to try out this houndstooth scarf pattern, and my boyfriend wanted me to make him one too. So that is probably next on my list. As well as some Lap-sized afghans for christmas pressies! Gotta start early, because as you may have already figured out, I am an awful procrastinator.

Happy last week of summer!


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